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minutes when this is done and now we are. you know the old Asian flicks the. fine but it's just kind of show you how. you want to do when an episode is done. movie for you video I'm just going to. this is my DVD burner right here I'm. the dual DVD dual layer CD you can pick. and let's go ahead and actually we'll. and go to general keep it I said you. that just regular DVD plus ours what I. normal you can switch them whatever is. to burn this video file onto this DVD. man mixed so now this is just for. the disc I always keep it verify disc. two and three one two three so and. until it's until the DVDs done burning. the menu works so we have the menu set. to go to add title I'm just going to go. what's cool what they didn't have and. so I guess you can leave that you know. and going to be doing everything off. want to add any kind of video file that. file so and if you're really bored they. name this title which name but sold name. it Soul Eater and target size this is. what's cool about DVD flick is it opens. everything stays the same as you see. the computer if you're going to go out I. what you want to do first is download. already in the directory and there it is. ask you to open up DVD flick when you're. called movie for you it's just what I. with this one I don't know why this. tutorial on how to use DVD flick this is. long but it's it's making the actual. lot of other things you can leave it. that you want to put into you know. so what we're going to do is we're going. 9f3baecc53

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